BGB BERGAMO BAGNO is a story that was born more than thirty years ago with the aim of offering a wide range of solutions in the bathroom furniture sector. Seriousness and efficiency have been the winning motto since 1978, essential qualities to keep up with a modern market in continuous evolution.
Quality products, services and carefully chosen partners ensure solutions to 360 degrees to furnish and customize the space of your relaxation. BGB BERGAMO BAGNO has evolved over the years demonstrating its ability to innovate, thus becoming a benchmark in the bathroom furniture sector.
The BGB BERGAMO BAGNO lines count with a refined and elegant design, from the most innovative design to the immortal classic lines. This versatility has allowed the company to take advantage of continuous research and experimentation in materials, technologies and products to implement highly innovative solutions.
Thanks to its tailor-made lines, the company has brought its know-how and professionalism to the "contract" segment to reinvent spaces that have a different functionality from the domestic one.
Cutting-edge products, absolute maker of the Made in Italy style.