Balance and functionality: the new push-pull collection!

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A timeless style and a minimalist language dictate the canons of interior design trends, and BGB Bergamo Bagno makes it the leitmotif of its collections.

BGB Bergamo Bagno updates its bathroom collection with a great restyling and new finishes. This design gives the new models a concrete modern proposal without giving away the elegance.

The new push-pull collections range from classic design to the most innovative designs, using traditional materials such as wood, modern material such as striking HPL layers, present in the variants: black Fenix, rough black and white calacatta .

BGB Bergamo Bagno put in new own collections a careful selection of cutting-edge materials such as the precious Cleaf panels - an Italian company leader in the production of innovative surfaces and solutions for interior design -. BGB choses Ares, the melamine panel, inspired by urban masonry and industrial architecture.

The most surprising news is the possibility of combining natural wood finishes such as Bamboo Tiger and vertical Bamboo with black HPL facades in silk finish.

In this way it is possible to use the same material both for the ceramic sinks with low thickness and in stone and mineralmarmo, to obtain a unique result in its kind.

Suspended furniture combined with other accessories, create customizable compositions. For example you can compose a modern bathroom with objects such as stools, consoles and other accessories.

But it's not just aesthetic.
The functionality of push-pull systems allows you to open / close doors and drawers with a simple pressure, removing uncomfortable handles from the cabinet and restoring simplicity and elegance.

The essentiality and the return to primordial aesthetics in communion with nature, become for BGB the strengths of its furniture, which lends itself to be versatile in colors and shapes, making the whole environment completely customizable.

The balance between functionality and quality materials gives elegance and personality to the collections.