HPL laminate silk Fenix finishing - News from BGB Bergamo Bagno

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There are important news from BGB Bergamo Bagno: new trendy and innovative materials become part of its offer.

The HPL laminate silk Fenix finishing becomes the spearhead of BGB collections.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) laminate is a material of excellent quality for its functional and aesthetic potential. Its characteristics of resistance to wear and steam, hygiene and versatility, make it the perfect material for the furniture industry, specially for bathroom furniture.
Its non-porous surface makes it a highly hygienic and water-repellent material, as it prevents dirt it is very easy to clean.

All these features make HPL laminate the ideal product for BGB collection, both for its level of innovation and for its refined aesthetics.
The silk finish and the black color make the furniture elegant.
But BGB Bergamo Bagno also provides many variations, such as absolute white with a white core and and trendy calacatta finish, in order to meet the tastes of its customers, allowing to compose and customize the furniture.

The HPL laminate silk Fenix finishing perfectly interprets BGB mission: a continuous research for beauty and living comfort, which aims to create a unique, sartorial and modern furnishing.