Quality and tailoring: the cornerstones of BGB story

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BGB history begins more than 40 years ago, in 1978, by an authentic passion of Federico Zanchi.
His mission is to satisfy customers request, expanding the bathroom’s furniture offer.
Few models, designed and manufactured following two key elements: quality and service.

BGB Bergamo Bagno has evolved over time, showing its ability to experiment and renew itself, thus becoming a precursor of style and trend.

Marco Zanchi tells us some interesting details about their history: "Over the years, with the refinement of the customer's taste and the ever-increasing attention to elegance, we identified our two competitive advantages about service and quality.
The service and the quality are the engine that allows BGB’s expansion during the years 2007/08.
Client marketing was the beating heart of this renewal.
Basing on trust, confidence and mutual respect, we have improved bathroom and ceramics showrooms loyalty.
The showrooms with which we collaborate are distributed mostly in northern Italy and in other European locations.

Let me explain how: HATRIA and TEOREMA became our flagship brands, thanks to an efficient and complete distribution (faucets and sanitary ware, but also accessories, shower cubicle and last but not least our BGB ACCESSORIES line).
At the same time, the attention to every single customer need transforms our production, making it sartorial.
This is why we decided to create tailored models.
Not only Quadra and Curva are two collections that have achieved the highest levels, but also they give a considerable boost to the brand.

Experiences make us to understand that collaborations are important, both for growth and prestige, and two very important have developed from them: Hatria and Floorbamboo.
From the first one are created lines of monoblocks with extraordinary finishing and impeccable realisations. From the second one is created Quba, entirely made of solid bamboo in double finishing.
Both lines become the cornerstones of our collections: modern design, freshness, elegance, innovation, eco-sustainability.
That’s exactly this last aspect that leads to a partnership with IDI Studio: products entirely made of teak, completely recycled.
Beauty and respect for the environment are an essential combination for BGB. Exceptional materials can really be the bond between tradition and modern architecture.

Innovation, quality and continuous research, push BGB in the direction of transformation.
Customized and personalized solutions, respecting quality and service, become essential! So we have provided our staff in the showroom with a 3D configurator, simple, intuitive and innovative, able to provide the right shape to your ideas.

We do not create a bathroom, we create your bathroom " concludes Marco Zanchi, sales manager of BGB Bergamo Bagno.