Because of new market trends and customer satisfaction, BGB introduces new finishing made of advanced materials, continuous researches and important collaboration with CLEAF.

We show you the new materials!

BGB Bergamo Bagno chooses to include Cleaf materials in its offering, because Cleaf is an Italian company leader in the production of materials and innovative solutions for the furniture and interior design.

Furthermore, BGB's gaze is always focused on sustainability and environmental impact.
This is why BGB uses raw materials and new design systems respecting the environment.

For example the materials with extraordinary wood finishing: sablé, urban walls, with smoothing and brushing manufacturing.
The furniture has classic and modern tones. Colors, lights and opacities can be customized according to the character you want to give to your location.

The technologies are able to produce sustainable materials, respecting the environment, without giving up style and beauty.
Therefore, trend and customization become the key words of BGB, in relationship with quality and eco-sustainability. Laminated or semi-finished panels, with a variety of manufacturing: every products preserve an noble quality.

The result? We can not wait to show it to you!