Nature and design, the new rules by Cersaie 2017

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Cersaie 2017, the 35th edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishing ended few days ago. During this important fairIDISTUDIO Italian Design of Interiors, in partnership with BGB Bergamo Bagno, presented the brand new collection in Teak of which BGB is the exclusive distributor for Lombardy.

This record edition, with 870 exhibitors from 41 nations, 111,604 visitors and an increase of 4,7% over 2016 (Cersaie Press Office) confirmed the status of Cersaie as the leading commercial event for the global market.

The Leitmotif of the exhibition was enshrined from the beginning, during the Opening Conference titled “Sustainability and competitiveness of European manufacturing in the international context” that outlined the picture of an Italian Excellence that has been investing,for years, not only in technological innovation but also in environmental sustainability.

This is the reason why Bgb has chosen to present Teak Collection of IDISTUDIO to such an important event as Cersaie. A collection entirely made of 100% recycled teak and of other valuable kind of wood from sustainable forests. A new philosophy that combines an eye-catching design and a green philosophy and that perfectly embodies the dictates of the current season of Sustainability 4.0.

Guidelines leading Bgb in the continuous search for new materials and shapes as well as in the selection of prestigious partnerships. “We believe that the elegance of the shapes and the solidity of the materials should take inspiration from nature in order to project this – place – which is the new dimension of the bathroom in the modern interior design concept” said Marco Zanchi, Bgb Sales Manager.

A place where to live a “sensorial experience”: with the touch, the sight, the sense of smell. An experience which widens the space or the “bathroom” to the rest of the home. This is why Corriere della Sera journalist Silvia Nani titled her article about Cersaie trends: “Get out of the bathroom” the revenge of the most intimate room”.

A revenge which is the starting point for Bgb personal interpretation of bathroom furniture trends of the next year.