The passion for bathroom furniture since 1978

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Our history is made of passion and research. A forty years journey of growth and improvement described in the pages of our new catalog, available in a few days in our showroom and in the best boutique of bathroom furnishings.

Our mission and our dream have always been to create a bathroom as an ideal place for relax and well-being, a space of intimacy and beauty, style and sophistication. A dream that has turned into reality all over the years.

BGB Bergamo Bagno was born in 1978. At the beginning the company specializes in the distribution of shower crystals and quality bathroom accessories. However very soon we understand that in order to grow, the company has to make its own transformation from a culture of product culture to a culture of project.

We start our adventure in the world of bathroom furnishings to offer a complete design service for this home space. No more individual products but a real furnishing system that can propose customized solutions for all customers' needs. The next step is in 2007 when the company decides to start its own interior design of bathroom furniture.

The success is remarkable, the bathroom design BGB becomes very much required. Bgb begins important collaborations with architectural studies and with major brands of the sector as the last one with Floorbamboo for the creation of the new Quba Collection. In 2017, the brand, thanks to a strong consolidated network in Italy, begins expanding overseas, from Switzerland to Russia.

For the future our aim is to concentrate more and more on innovative technologies, new materials, eco-sustainability projects to offer original solutions to the needs of our ever-expanding customers.

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