BGB and HATRIA, a winning combination

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Design and quality. When the style and elegance of BGB Bergamo Bagno bathroom furniture meet the top of Hatria's healthcare range, the result can only be perfect. A successful partnership, between these two Italian realities which share a common push towards innovation and the conviction that the true meaning of design is combining style and functionality.

"The leitmotif that characterizes all the collaborations of BGB and Hatria is exactly this: to create something that is both handsome and functional, elegant and practical," said Marco Zanchi, BGB sales manager. "The infinite range of sanitary offered by Hatria collections allow us to span, creating customized solutions for our customers."

A varied and original universe that includes floor-to-floor sanitation or suspended ones from slender cuts as in Next Collection or ergonomic shapes and sizes as in Happy Hour; or even integrated systems that combine sanitary and furnishing as in the G-Full monoblock where a countertop hides pottery pots and bidets for a modern bathroom concept meant as a real place of relax and comfort.

Furthermore Hatria portfolio includes collections that stand out for technological refinement and easiness of installation and maintenance such as Le Fiabe, thanks to innovative sanitary ware such as the "translato basin" with adjustable drains, perfect to recover old installations during renovations; or collections such as You & Me that, thanks to the small size of the sanitary ware, become ideal to overcome space problems.

Finally, a special attention to bathroom design projects dedicated to people with disabilities and motor difficulties. Even in this area, BGB's great experience and Hatria's know-how make it possible to create solutions without architectural barriers that comply with current regulations and ensure maximum autonomy, comfort and accessibility, as in Hatria Autonomy collection.

The elegance and functionality of the BGB and Hatria bathrooms are guaranteed by a team of professionals constantly looking for quality products and innovative materials. Our aim is to design, with you, customized solutions perfect for your needs.

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